CV – Curriculum Vitae Andrea Ottolia

Prof. Avv. ANDREA OTTOLIA March 2018 (b. 8.2.76)


Dipartimento di Giurisprudenza
Sezione di diritto commerciale
Via Balbi 22, 16126 Genoa, Italy


+39 010 2099889

+39 010 2099890



Certificate in English Law, De Montfort University (UK), 1997.

J.D., Genoa Law School (IT), 1995-2000 (magna cum laude and honours of publication).

LL.M., University of California at Berkeley, Boalt Hall 2002-2003.

Certificate in Law & Technology, University of California at Berkeley, Boalt Hall 2004.

JSD, University of California at Berkeley, Boalt Hall 2003-2006 (Italian PhD equivalent).

Current positions:

Associate Professor of Business Law, University of Genoa – Department of Law.

President of the AIPPI Italian Commission (the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property) on Big data and Artificial Intelligence.

Fellow, Genoa Centre for Law and Finance.

Member of the Staff, Turin WIPO LL.M. in IP Law.

Member of the Board of Regents for the University of Pavia PhD Program in Civil Law, European Legal Culture and Roman Law.

Member of the Scientific Committee of the Master Program “Giurista d’impresa” at the University of Genoa.

Member of the editorial Board of “Aida” Law Journal (Annali italiani di diritto d’autore).

Member of the editorial Board of “Leggi civili commentate” Law Journal.

Coordinator of the Intellectual Property Program at the Issuge Summer Program at the University of Genoa.

Previous academic positions:

Professor of Business Law, University of Genoa, 2012-2014.

Professor of Intellectual Property Law, University of Genoa, 2006-2012.

Professor of Cyberlaw, Università Cattolica (Piacenza) 2006-2009.

Assistant Professor of Business Law and Intellectual Property, University of Genoa, 2000-2012.

Academic member of the 2015 Commission for the Italian Bar Exam 2015.

Member of the Advisory Committee of the Berkeley Journal for Law and Technology (at the University of California at Berkeley) 2004-2006.

Selected conferences and presentations

IP and Constitutions, WIPO ILO, Turin, 2 December 2005, presenting “Intellectual Property and the Constitution: developments in the U.S.”.

Patenting Life Forms, WIPO, Geneva 1 October 2009, presenting “Ethical Aspects of Patenting related to life forms: the Onco Mouse and the Edinburgh Patent”.

Televisioni, nuove tecnologie e IP: Aida, Pavia, 3 October 2010 presenting “Privacy and Intellectual Property.

Facebook et similia: Aida, Pavia 30 September 2011, presenting “Privacy e social networks”.

IPRs and Internet in European Law: Aippi, Milan 7 February 2014 presenting “Data mining and copyright”.

WIPo-ILO Turin Center on Intellectual Property, 2 December 2015; presentation on “Big data and Intellectual Property.
Master Conference, 4 May 2016 on Innovative Start-up Companies, presenting: The role of Law in organizing innovative start-up companies.
Conference at the University of Ferrara (in Rovigo), 11 November 2016 on Personal Data Law in European Union, presenting: “Big data and the GDPR”

Aida Conference, 9 September 2016 on “An Assessment on European Copyright Law”, presenting: Copyright and Freedom of Expression.

WIPO-ILO Conference in Turin, 16 October 2017 on “Artificial Intelligence and IP”, presenting “Artificial intelligence and its relevance for intellectual property”.

Orizzonti di Diritto Commerciale Conference, Rome 23 February 2018, discussant on Rosa Maria Agostino’s paper on “Big data e nuovi beni tra modelli organizzativi e controllo dell’impresa”.

Shinawatra University, Bangkok 16 marzo 2018, “Legal issues on big data and artificial intelligence”.